The property will not be occupied by more people than we have specified in the rental agreement.

You will not allow dogs, cats, or other pets onto the property.

Smoking is not permitted on the property. Any evidence of smoking anywhere on the property will forfeit the Security Deposit.

Neither you nor your guests will use illegal drugs on the property.

You will take care not to play excessively loud music or otherwise create a nuisance to the neighbors. There is a local noise ordinance which applies to any excessive noise after 11:00 PM.

The house will be clean when you arrive, and we request that you leave it in good order. You will notify us promptly of any damage or problems that arise.

Unless there is an emergency, we will notify you 24 hours in advance prior to entering the property during your rental period.

We each hold the other harmless for any injuries which may occur during your vacation.

You will depart promptly on your date of departure, so that we may have enough time to get the house ready for our next guests.

We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if it takes us an excessive amount of time (more than 4 hours) to clean the unit after your departure. This is because if it takes us more than 4 hours, then our next guest's arrival will be delayed and this is an inconvenience for them. The charge for the cleaning will be $100.